Nick Moreland

Nick Moreland is a photographer, musician, and lover of exploration based in Washington D.C. He received his first camera in high school and was instantly drawn into the creative and rewarding world of photography. His deep appreciation for nature, music, and culture inspires his work and continues to drive his storytelling.

He grew up playing guitar and bass in the diverse and vibrant music scene of Washington D.C. in various punk, ska, reggae,  Soul, and hip hop bands. He previously worked on the media team for a local D.C. artist collective, shooting concerts, interviews, environmental portraits, and events. During this time he also had a weekly podcast show that featured new artists, musicians, and various other local talent.  He also loves documenting travel and the feeling of discovering a new place for the first time.

In July 2017 he quit his day job, bought a one way ticket, and moved to Nicaragua to be with his girlfriend and backpack Central America. His life changing trip lasted over six months and involved living in the rain forests of Costa Rica, Mayan mountain towns of Guatemala, the beaches of El Salvador, a colonial city in Nicaragua and so much more. It was a complete leap of faith into the unknown and it opened up the floodgates of possibility. During his excursion he felt a deep calling to rededicate himself to the craft, return back home, and slowly change the direction of his life. Freshly inspired, and full of new creative energy, Nick is ready to grab his camera and tackle any new projects and challenges that lay ahead.